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One of the first things I learned early on in scrapbooking was to maintain photo albums and not worry about scrapbooking every single moment or worry about catching up on past moments. 

I maintain my pictures in seasonal albums on my computer and at the end of each season, I print out those pictures that I feel represent that time period best and I print only those pictures to put in our family photo albums. I maintain a few very special-to-me scrapbooks though. I started a Father and Son scrapbook for my husband Vernon and son Jacob years ago and each Father’s Day they oblige as I take a picture of them and document their fun together over the year. This one is probably my favorite of all of them.

 Christmas and Christmastime in general have always been special times in our family. I maintain a Christmas album for Jacob – an album that has become very dear to me. 

After realizing my life is too busy with work and wanting to enjoy other free time moments with family and friends, I learned I couldn’t keep up with traditional scrapbook pages for each page idea or event I wanted to document. Thankfully, pocket scrapbooking entered my life. I love it! 

I do a little here or there that I want to do when I have time to do it. At the start of 2018 after reading Scrapbooks and Cards Today magazine (Yes! A scrapbooking and card magazine is still on the market!) I learned about the Collect App – a photo and journal a day calendar which can be printed in 4x6 or 3x4 formats making it so easy to scrapbook, especially nice for pocket scrapbooking! It’s been my go-to this year and I enjoyed it so much, I’m continuing it this year too. I will continue to do the occasional traditional scrapbooking pages because I just love to do that.

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