My Story

In 2004, when my son was seven years old and I was at a craft store, I wandered up and down scrapbooking isles. Scrapbooking was in its heyday and very popular at the time and I was intrigued. I excitedly bought a bunch of stuff and came home. But when I got home, I became overwhelmed and realized I had no idea what I was doing - the scrapbook pages I had seen were incredible - and I knew I didn’t have those skills. I returned everything back to the store! 

 But the next year, as my son was entering such fun and important parts of his life, I knew I wanted to document those years so he would have those treasured moments for many years to come. So, I decided to learn more about scrapbooking. What I learned is that it’s not about the glamorous pages, though I do love them and have gotten much better at them. It’s about documenting those moments. I was looking for a company or brand that had matching papers, inks, and products that would make it easier for me to accomplish this without feeling like I needed to buy everything. I found Stampin’ Up. I had thought of them only as a card-making company, but quickly realized how fantastic it is for any paper crafting pleasure. 

Now, as my son is an adult and I have much more time to myself, I’ve grown to love card-making, making paper treats and gifts and home d├ęcor, but scrapbooking is still my passion. I love to capture the everyday and special moments, whether it’s scrapbooking or taking time to make a card for a special person in my life. 

I hope you’ll feel inspired to capture your moments and share them with me. 

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